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Welcome to the world of aesthetics, far away from big investors and hectic assembly line corporations! At CONRAD - The Skin in Karlsruhe, we see ourselves as master craftsmen of beauty - a highly specialized boutique practice where the patient is clearly in the spotlight.

Forget the feeling of being channeled through an anonymous system. With us, you are not a cog in the big clockwork, but the shining center of our work - a finely tuned manufactory for precision aesthetics.

Our private practice emphasizes personality, quality and exclusive care. Dr. Conrad and his team are not only experts, but also your partners on the way to the best version of yourself. In our small & refined world of aesthetics, everything revolves around your individual wishes and needs. So why come to us? Because beauty is not a mass-produced good, but deserves a customized experience. Welcome to CONRAD - The Skin, where aesthetics are perfected with a twinkle in your eye!


Individual, not industrial - where aesthetics write a personal story.

Gentlemen's Glow

Everyone should look and feel great! Men can also benefit from beauty treatments & self-confidence boosters, because a more attractive appearance often opens doors, whether at work or in social life.

So, boys, let's get out of hiding and into the treatment studio - it's time to put your best self forward and look damn good doing it!


David Conrad, MD

M. Sc. Aesthetic Medicine

After his time at the Freiburg University Clinic and a private aesthetic clinic near Zurich, Dr. Conrad rounded off his further training as a highly specialized doctor in aesthetic consultations at the laser clinic next to Prof. Dr. Raulin and at the Aesthetics and Skin Centre in Karlsruhe.

At the same time, he deepened his knowledge in the field of thread lifting and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments with a Master of Science in London.


Our intention? Simple!

To demystify the hype and hysteria of the skincare industry.


Dr. Conrad offers comprehensive lectures, individualized workshops and hands-on training (also external) on the topics of hyaluronic acid and botulinum.
For questions and personalized appointment requests, please contact us at any time.

The next hands-on workshop is already scheduled!

Facial Esthetic Training | Full-Face



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